My first week at a glance…

So, I’ve almost been here a week. It feels longer, probably because it’s been a constant influx of new information, faces, places…slightly overwhelming, but I’ve done my best to keep my head on a swivel (that’s what you gotta do when you find yourself in the middle of a cock fight {Name the movie reference}), and stay relaxed .

On the work front, the week was spent in district inservice, topped off with one day of school inservice.  I have a wonderful array of coworkers.  They’ve all been so very nice and helpful.  As time passes, I will try to limit my whining about work.  I mean, I’m a first year teacher, away from all I’ve known, of course it’s gonna be whining. Right?  LOL.

Anyway, the dust has settled, and I will be teaching grades 6-12 social studies (World History, US Government/Alaska History, US History, and Team Sports), as well as advisor for the 6th grade, and there are whispers of possibly coaching Wrestling.  If you left it to me, I would transform the wrestling team into a gi/no-gi grappling club, and get to some of the ASBBJF competitions with the kids.  Hmm…the wheels are turning people, the wheels are turning.

Yesterday, I was invited to a BBQ by another teacher that I had inservice with.  I headed out yesterday evening, and got completely lost.  My iPhone led me hopelessly astray.  I’ve also been in some rural communities before, but I’ve never been anywhere where houses are just absolutely not labeled…at all!

So, on an extremely bright note, all of the people I’ve met here have been extremely nice.  I mean, way nicer than anything I’m normally accustomed to.  So, I was told to contact Paul for housing, that he had a house for rent.  So, Paul offered to come pick me up and take me to see the place.  It was beautiful, huge, 2 bedrooms with a living room bigger than my apartment in Chicago.

Well, after that, he took me to see a few other options, as well as to talk to the local realtor, and he offered insight into each option and such.  From there, Paul took me back to my motel room.  About 40 minutes later, I see his van pull back up.  I walk out, and he asks me if I’m interested in having thai food with his family and some friends who are in town visiting.

Now who does that?  Invite a complete stranger over for dinner?  Well I went, and had a blast.  I laughed, and ate, and had great conversation with a literal house full of people.  It was overwhelming, but in a good way, like when your heart is just brimming with joy and sunlight.  From there, Paul loaned me a bicycle to use to get around if the weather permitted.  Really??

So,2 days later, 2 of the people I met at Paul’s house came by, and brought me some stuff they bought me for my new home, wherever that may be.  Some hangers, a laundry basket, kitchen utensil set, a few towels.  I was just dumbfounded, and so very thankful.  It’s humbling when people extend such the right hand of friendship so freely.  I suppose living in a city, I hadn’t realized how jaded I am to friendliness, so walking into a business and having a real conversation with the people there.  It’s different, but pleasant.

So now, I’m going to spend the weekend nailing out syllabi, and a curriculum map of how my classes are going to break down.  From there, I’ll figure out everything else.  I haven’t counted how many students I have yet or anything, but when I heard one of my coworkers refer to 26 kids as “a huge class”, I knew I was in for a long haul.  In Chicago, 26 is average. LOL.  There will be perks to teaching in a village.


7 thoughts on “My first week at a glance…

  1. Dude, you can’t call 1500 people a villege, to people in a village that’s “the outside”. I’m glad you’re doing well up there!!

  2. Dion, it’s so awesome to hear that people are so kind still. We are totally jaded here to friendliness, that we just expect people to not be so. How awesome is it that those people did all that? Wow. Makes me wonder.

    Good luck with your students and all your teaching… it is a blessing, as both my mom and dad were teachers, and Joanna, before she had her twins, was as well. It was a rewarding job – and she always loved it. I’m sure your kids will be happy to have you as their teacher, mentor and possible coach 🙂

    Good luck, and keep writing… we miss u!

  3. Everything sounds so amazing! I am so happy and excited for you and your awesome opportunity! PS. Wish I had you as a social studies teacher in school. . . sounds like you teach a fun class.

  4. When you get into Town, hit LEMON GRASS for you Thai fix. Fairbanks has about a DOZEN Thai places, all are top notch that you would be lucky to find in Chicago.. or even California.

    Folks like you met up there are why I fell in love with Alaska in the first place.

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