Quick update on the dog chase

So, during the week we had our first assembly of the year.  Part of this assembly was to introduce new staff to the student body, as well as get everyone pumped and ready for the year to come.  Well, prior to the start of the assembly, a student came up to me and asked,
“Did you get chased by a dog the other day?”
“I sure did” I replied.
She then told me that was her house, and that was one of her dogs…one of her 17 dogs.  17 DOGS!?!?!?!

She assured me that of the 17, there’s only one that may bite, and it’s a wolf/dog hybrid, and a tad on the aggressive side.  Well, that’s nice to know.  She also informed when, after asking why anyone would have 17 dogs, that she has a mushing team, thus making her a dog musher.  For us northerners, that would be a dog sled team.

It’s odd how terminology and such changes from region to region.  I call ’em snowmobiles, everyone here calls ’em “snow machines.”

Someone asked me “you have a snow machine?”  and I replied, “What kind of machine?  which resulted in 2 minutes of questioning in a circle before saying, “Oh, you mean a snow mobile?” to which they replied, “Yeah, a snow machine.”

Hello Alaska.

4 thoughts on “Quick update on the dog chase

  1. I could so see you riding to work in a snow machine. You’d have the whole outfit, big bushy coat, boots, and goggles. Ha ha

  2. LOL…love this! I had room mates from Alaska, and good friends from Canada, and yeah, snowmobiles are definitely called snow machines–without fail. And they won’t call you, they will phone you up there. 🙂 Have fun babe!

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