My New Domicile

So, before I forget:  I have a mailing address.  If you’d like it, facebook me and I’ll get it to you.

Alrighty, so I have a semi-permanent domicile.  It’ll be at least till December, and if longer, then till the end of winter.

So, let’s address the fact of exactly how I came to be residing in a motel.
Well, as some of you may recall, I looked at a beautiful 2 room house that my friend Paul is renting out.  Well, he initially had me check out the place that I ended up now.

He seemed to think that

with the fast approaching winter, and uncertainty of utility prices, that I should stay here.  But, initially they didn’t have any vacancies.

So, the ladies in the district office office pow-wowed, and then told me that I should definitely stay here.  Alas, a day later, I was notified that there was a room available, and I should take it.  I suppose the council had spoken.

Anywho, the rent, plus not playing any utilities (lights, heat, internet, tv), seems it would be cheaper than having the house, plus utilities.  Ideally, in December I will be relocation one more (last) time, to another 2 room house with super cheap rent, and close proximity to the school.  My current place is .45 miles to the school, which is excellent,especially considering I may not have a car by the time winter hits.

So, the new place? Well say hello to the Snowshoe Motel!!! It’s a really nice place.  I have 2 rooms, both with bed, and 1 with microwave and refrigerator.  The other has a wall mounted flat screen tv, which is cute.

All things considered, I’m happy with it.  Also, a benefit of teaching in a small town school is that I can be in the school anytime I want.  So, I’ve been staying at the school late and using the internet there, and get through any work I need to get done.

4 thoughts on “My New Domicile

  1. Being on the tail end of a 2000+ mile family road trip, I really enjoyed reading this. It is amazing the expectations people have for housing when a simple couple rooms will suffice. My family has been road-tripping for nearly two weeks and as I type I’m lying on a sofa bed with my daughter in a rather shabby motel in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Motels have an endearing quality to them, a place to rest your head, or even call home for a while. Enjoy your time there!

    • You are so very right. I hope your road trip went fabulously. That’s very cool!!!! I hope to do a trip like that in the next few years. Drive from here down to the lower 48 and back. That would be awesome.

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