A first birthday in Tok!

So, the title may be slightly misleading.  I’m not 1 years old…of course.  It was my first birthday spent as a resident of Tok.

Well, I can surely say it was a different experience.  Of course, it’s hard being in a strange new place.  My support network is via phone and internet.  It’s hard not having anyone here when I return home for the day, or anyone with whom I have established connections to say “Hey, let’s get some hot chocolate and chat for a bit, yeah?”

But, everyone here surely made me feel welcomed on my birthday.  I had a total of 4 cakes, a yummy chocolate pie,  a huge yummy chocolate cupcake, and a slice of German Chocolate cake presented to me on my birthday.  In addition, 2 of those cakes were baked by a student of mine, as was the slice of german chocolate.  All I could say was “Wow!”  I can’t even recall how many times Happy Birthday was sung to me.  It was all kind of strange and endearing at the same time.  Of course we like to think the best of ourselves as people.  However, I must admit I’m hard pressed to think that I would receive such a giving nature from virtual strangers back in Chicago.

However, I must admit there was a degree of loneliness lingering in my mind during the day.  Every time someone sang happy birthday, I felt a little sad not to be in more familiar territory, or to be with people with whom I share some history.  Well, I suppose it is a feeling I will have to get used to in some fashion, and overcome.

So, I went to Fairbanks this weekend.  I hoped to catch up with my uncle this weekend, but wasn’t able to do so. I did have some yummy Thai food, and get some shopping done, as well as met a fellow saxophonist, and heard him with a pianist perform some latin jazz, so that was cool.  I also hung out with a new friend, Heidi, whom was my tour guide for my time in Fairbanks.  It was cool.  She has a dog named Gracie, as in JIU JITSU!!!  Ok, well she probably hadn’t even heard of jiu jitsu when naming the dog, but how cool is that?  At this juncture, I find pleasure in the most trivial of things.

I’m slowly reconciling my existence here in Tok, in some form and fashion.

Wow….I’m a country boy now.

7 thoughts on “A first birthday in Tok!

  1. Dion,

    I’m so glad people are so welcoming in Tok. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to celebrate birthdays in a new place – but this gives me cheer – because how often here do strangers bring you cake and sing to you… Then again, it must be a measure of how they feel about you already, so I don’t blame them. You are a wonderful person – and deserve all the kindness bestowed on you.

  2. I’m so glad u had a nice birthday. You shouldn’t be surprised as to the kindness of others-after all you do bring out the best in people. Fairbanks sounds awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Finally, you got a lot of freakin cake man! How did u get it all home? Lol.

  3. See all the crap you used to give me b/c I was a ‘country girl’ …now you’re finally starting to “get it”. 😉 Hicks and small town people can be some of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet, and I’m soo glad you get to have this experience! I’m glad your birthday was enjoyable despite the fact that you were in a new environment and were without your friends and fam. Wish I coulda been there to celebrate with ya! Love ya babe talk 2 ya soon hon!


  5. Hey D glad you had such nice and well wishing people around you for your bday. Sending you a hug and much love! See its amazing how people will surprise you when you leasy expect it, and I’m not surprised at all cuz as I tell you all the time you are truly a sweetheart and deserve all the good things that happen to you! Miss ya tons D.

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