Political Idiots, and the victims who live under them…

Now, I try my best to adhere to the age old adage, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”  I think it’s a good rule to live by….

….however, some individuals, simply through the sheer audacity of their daily a**-hattery and shenanigans make them targets for disdain and shame.  Unfortunately, we call a majority of thIs category of individuals politicians, or political pundits. (::cough:: GLENN BECK ::cough::)

So, as I faced the leaving of my home, my favorite city, the place I’m most comfortable, I had one positive to look upon:  Being rid of our beloved mayor, Dick Daley.

“The city’s running into a deficit, so let’s spend our remaining funds on a hail mary pass of an attempt to woo the Olympic Committee to our streets, so I can talk the remaining sensible residents into allowing me to bulldoze entire communities (preferably in the middle of the night like I did Meigs Field) and replace all that housing with over-priced condos, while sweeping all the homeless people under the proverbial rug, otherwise known as the suburbs.”

C’mon DICK, does that even sound like a good idea?  So, when you drop the ball and don’t get the Olympics, what do you leave us???

Well, as my plane lifted off, I literally, not figuratively, thought to myself “At least I’m done with that a**clown Daley.”

Well little did I know what I was in for.  Dick, I’ll take you back!  I apologize.  I take back all the mean things I said.  I’ll take back the protests, the mean signs, I’ll even take back the time I spit on the city hall steps (and yes, even if no one is around, it does still make a sound).  Dick Daley has nothing on this man:

Now what can I say about this Tea Party darling that doesn’t make me throw up a little bit in my mouth.  This guys shenanigans will surely be without bounds.

When I looked at his website and saw the words:

“Join us in our fight to restore and preserve Conservative values.”

I knew the thunder was coming.  So, where do we start?

Miller’s staunch support for Second Amendment rights should come as no surprise given the conservative nature of his views, as well as the fact he comes from Alaska — a state where any individual who can legally own a firearm is able to carry it concealed and without a permit or license.

Perhaps more surprising, however, is the lack of concern Miller expressed last month over guns and weapons being toted to political rallies.“It’s not unusual to walk into a Wal-Mart, or to walk into a gas station, and see people carrying guns,” explained the Tea Party-backed hopeful during an appearance on ABC News/Washington Post’s “Top Line.” “You know, it’s not unusual in political rallies, it’s not unusual in parades, to see that type of thing. Probably though, in the lower 48, it does raise some eyebrows.”

The big twist is that the comments came on the heels of Miller, himself, sparking controversy after video surfaced showing supporters of his campaign marching in a parade with handguns and even more powerful weapons. (I don’t even wanna go here.  This dude and all his gun toting cronies are just scary, and I assure you I’d get a few of them before they get one of me.)

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/08/26/joe-miller-alaska-candida_n_694559.html#s131183

So, what other views does Joe have?

  • Joe rejects the notion of ‘man-made global warming’. While he has stated that it’s undeniable we are seeing global warming, there’s no proof that it’s man made. (Tell that to all the SCIENTISTS who will show you PROOF of green house gases emanating from human consumption.)
  • While Joe started out saying that Social Security should be transitioned out, he has furthered his position that Social Security is flat out unconstitutional…as well as Medicare…as well as federal minimum wage, federal aid, and unemployment benefits.  (UNCONSTITUTIONAL?!?!?!?  Well, allow me to inform you that as reported by ALASKADISPATCH.COM, Joe Miller’s wife TOOK UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS AFTER WORKING FOR HIM!) SOURCE:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/alaskadispatchcom/joe-millers-wife-took-une_b_751529.html
  • Joe is staunchly pro-life, stating that he supports NO ABORTIONS, even in cases of RAPE or INCEST.  (Ladies, of all the men in history who’ve tried to tell you what you can and can’t do with your body, is this really the guy you ultimately want calling the shots?)
  • As far as immigration goes, his stance:  No Amnesty, No Exceptions (I find this stance interesting and would love to converse with him on his views, considering he comes from a place with such a large Native American population, and I’m pretty sure many of them would readily call HIM an IMMIGRANT.)
  • All of that healthcare/medicare reform which was done, well he wants it repealed because it’s unconstitutional.  (Well, there’s a big surprise, I’m seeing a common theme here.)
  • Miller has voiced support for shutting down the U.S. Department of Education.
    The Anchorage Daily News reports that Miller says the Department of Education should be axed “because it is not in the Constitution.”


  • On his campaign website, Miller unambiguously states that he “Opposes Hate Crimes laws as a violation of the Constitutional guarantees to freedom of speech and equal protection under the law.”

In a letter dated July 13, 2010 also posted on his site, Miller expresses firm and unwavering opposition to federal laws extending hate crimes protections to victims on the basis of “gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability.”

The Senate candidate characterizes lawmakers voting in favor of “hate crimes legislation” as “social agitators on the Left [seeking] to abridge the freedom of thought and speech by the imposition of hate crimes legislation.”

He writes:

The Constitution does bestow on Congress the authority to promote the general welfare of the people. It is my belief that interpreting its authority as a cultural obligation placed upon the representatives of the people to encourage patterns of behavior that promote the well being of the social order, and discourage those that do not, is a legitimate reading of the general welfare clause. But there are strict constraints on that authority clearly restricting, if not prohibiting, its extension to the realm of thought and speech.

According to Miller, “There is no evidence that Alaska has a substantial problem with biased-motivated crime”

Now, of course it’s ok to double check your facts.  www.OnTheIssues.org is a good place to start.  It’s a collection place of publicly documented views of politicians and political candidates on issues.  You can also go to Fox, MSNBC, NPR, and JoeMiller.us

The source doesn’t change the fact:  THIS DUDE IS CERTIFIABLE!  I DECLARE SHENANIGANS!

And even worse it looks like he very well may win this upcoming election.  I doubt there’s any chance of talking sense into the lovely inhabitants of Republicantown, oh, I mean Alaska, but please!  Stamp out these Tea Party clowns for the deluded, crazy, hate filled little miscreants that they are.  The world couldn’t take Hitler, and it can’t take this idiots.  You all shunned me when I said “Just wait and see what this clown Bush does to our nation” and I reveled in “I told you so” years later.  Please don’t even put me through the horror of living through an era of the Tea Party.  This is just all too much perhaps for even me to handle.


5 thoughts on “Political Idiots, and the victims who live under them…

  1. I have two things to say. One, how ironic is it that I JUST saw a tv ad about this guy on tv, then read your post about him (after I complained about him to my roomie… at length) I too declare Shenannigans! Two, AMEN.

    Thanks D… as always, a breath of fresh air


  3. Hey D,

    Did you hear Daley is throwing in the towel? Olympic rejection maybe? In all seriousness, I don’t think his wife is doing all to well (health-wise). I don’t blame him for wanting to spend time with his family. It will be interesting to see who will take the reins as mayor of Chicago.


  4. Oh no! I didn’t think there was worse than the Daley Machine but oh how wrong. :S
    I don’t even know what to say when it comes to these idiots. But I do have one thing to say about the hate crime thing- free speech or not, every single American is innately entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (property as originally written) and it is easily argued that hate crimes infringe upon that inherently. So, suck it, dude. What an asshole that guy is. Good luck up there, love. xxoo

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