The Facebook Number Game???

So, I’m not exactly sure where this stuff comes from, or how I get involved in it.  If i was rich, I would spend time trying to figure out ways to get people on Facebook to do the strangest things my mind could conjure.  Could I convince people to repost what in their opinion tastes so good that it makes them wanna smack they mama!!!
Anywho, I digress.  Started out the evening grading papers and watching “About Last Night”.  Good movie…and from there “Casualties of War” came on.  Another classic movie, but it also stole away the warm fuzzy feeling I’d developed.  So, my phone notifies me that someone sent me a message on Facebook.  I check it, and alas, nothing but a number.

“Oh, that number game everyone’s been playing for the past 2 days.  Ummm…what the hell.”

I actually like the idea of sharing my thoughts with friends.  I personally think often we don’t do that enough.  I think we so often live in a state of ambiguity, where we begin to really care about nothing.  So, I have no prob sharing with friends “so, here’s what I really think of, for better or worse.”  I think that’s why we don’t feel comfortable asking such a question.  No one likes taking a verbal shot to the eye, and by request no less.
So, I posted a number thingy opinion thingermabobber.  And BOOM!!!!  I look in my message box and there’s like 4 more.  Each time I replied to one, three more took it’s place. (ok, maybe not that many, but more than a few added on).
So, rather than clog up the pages of “those who are too mature to take part in such juvenile games”, I’ll post the remainder of them here, where I can be as juvenile as I want. “Neener, neener, neener…”
As I thought about the people who sent me numbers, a few realizations came to mind.

1)  I know some cool a** people, and I’m definitely lucky to have met so many of you.

2)  I know some super duper hotties.  I find it intriguing, slightly odd, and slightly dismaying that I know so many beautiful, intelligent women, and yet I am single.  However, I’m self aware enough to know that that fact is probably 98.9% my fault.  Hard lessons, long learned, and now when I feel that I have reached a point of greater enlightenment, I MOVE TO ALASKA!

3)  Despite my faults, I’m so glad so many cool people call me friend, or acquaintance, and in 1 or 2 cases, former one night stand.  True Story.

So, line up with your ticket please.  Straight line.  There will be a pat down, and then you’ll move through the xray machine, and then I have a french tickler……

#397 – Hmm…you’re one of those people that I wish I knew a lot better than I do, and that I wish I’d spent way more time with than I did.  However, few people have I met of such a keen mind, and vast knowledge.  Every time we hung out, it was like an education for myself, and I loved every single moment.  To be around you is to humble myself to the fact that no, I’m not even close to being as smart as I wish I were, but fortunately I’ve got someone like you to ask questions when I need to. Plus, you’re absolutely delightful and charming, with enough sass to keep any man coming back for more.

13 – Ha!  You are a card and a half.  I didn’t know what to make of you when we first met, but over time, I came to find how delightful you are, and the smile only brightens things up.  You made a job that could have easily been craptacular all the time, only craptacular some of the time. And yes, I checked out your curves on more than 1 occasion.

52 – We met under the worst of circumstances, and you made the whole thing more pleasant.  We were a young, funny group, and I the highlight was by far checking each other for ticks.  I’m sad that our paths have not up to this point physically crossed since, but the next time you’re within 150 miles of me, I will definitely have to take a roadtrip, or at least meet in the middle.  I also gotta meet this character you married.  Is he worthy???  Even more importantly…is he southern???  Good lord!!!

0128 – We only met once, laughed our faces off, you saw me at my absolute worst behavior, and now we’re Facebook buds.  Life is strange, often unfair, but always interesting, and it’s people like you who cross my path that make it worth the time.  When I make it back to Chicago, I’m taking you to dinner if you allow, and buying you a beer.  I think that’s the perfect set up for more laughs.

2002 – you’re a quiet cat, and I wasn’ t sure what to make out of you.  I figured you thought I was a weirdo (which I am) and kind of obnoxious (which I am) especially sitting in a boring class talking about actually fun and interesting things….but in a boring manner.  I now know you’re god peeps, and you have great taste in both music and cars.  You also were always good to chat with when trying to wake up in the morning….or to figure out how to chop up my apples.  Kudos my good man.

169 – I love your accent!!!  There’s something about a southern twang I can’t get enough of, although I myself would never want to live in the south, and will only claim particular southern acquaintances.  However, you are totally one of them.  I also can’t wait till you move back to civilization.  We will definitely have to hang.  Well, that’s after I move back to civilization.

997 – You seem like good peeps, although I don’t know you as well as I hope to at some point.  I can safely say that I’ve wanted to make out with you since we first started talking.  I can also say that the great tragedy of 2010 is that we have not made out.  However, you never know what the future may hold.  Also, you make me laugh…often.

52 – Haven’t I known you for like a decade?  We have certainly come a long way from you being a complete country bumpkin and me trying to enlighten you to the ways of wearing shoes in public.  Now, you’re quite savvy, and I’m living in the country.  Funny how life works.  However, I think you’re one of the most dynamic and special people I’ve ever met, and I’m glad that we’ve remained friends through all the weird, tough, and sometimes completely absurd times.

7575 – I’m both surprised and glad that we’ve remained friends after all this time.  You are one of the toughest chicks I know, and I’m glad we’ve never gotten into a fist fight…which is also probably why we’ve never drank together.  I’m glad that life has brought you good fortune, and I hope we can continue to keep in touch.

138 – You are a total angel…well, not all the time, but totally when you want to be, and occasionally when you don’t.  Your smile could brighten up a hurricane, and you’re always fun to chat with and such.  It’s unfortunate our paths don’t really cross anymore, but hopefully that will change in the future.  I must admit that I do miss your company.

696 – You are a naughty girl, plain and simple….well, at least that’s what I heard in the locker room.  I’m willing to take their word for it.  However, I also know that you can be both caring and insightful, a complete pain in my a**, as well as a great friend.  I often question your taste in men, and the fact you had a crush on me completely proves that it’s certainly questionable. All in all, you’re good peeps, and I always appreciate the inappropriate text forwards.  Nothing like an ethiopian contorted up like a pretzel to start the day off right.  Thanks!

So, there you have it.  I must admit, it is nice to air out your thoughts from time to time…probably why I have a blog to begin with.  But anywho, I hope to post more in the near future.  Been keeping busy, but fortunately my schedule is loosening up a bit.  Yeehaw!


#777  – HA!  Who would’ve guessed we’ll still be friends to this day. It’s been amazing to see the evolution of your personality, and our friendship, and I’m glad that I was willing to hang out with a pair of young country girls.  Well, not like I had much of a choice since I was in the country myself, but you know what I mean.

#84 – You are quite the strange creature. However, when you toss your worries to the wayside, you are going to be a force to be reckoned with. It’s been really nice to see your style choices change for the better. When you get me to take a lingering look, you know you’re doing something right sister. In addition, hugging you is always the best, because you giggle. Giggles are awesome.  However, after a few seconds, I do always find myself asking, “What the hell is so funny???”

#31 – Yeehaw!!!  When you actually talked me into coming into your neck of the woods for a visit, I knew we’d be stuck with each other for life.  I made it out alive, and alas, you are a dear friend.  I think you are awesome, I’m glad you lost your jerk, I hope you don’t find another jerk, and your daughter is the cutest little munchkin this side of the Mason Dixon.  I look forward to hitting you with my cane when I’m old and grey, and reminding you of how we met, which you seem to remember better than me anyway.  Rock on!!!


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