Ho, ho, ho….and when you get your welfare check, you can kiss my mistletoe!

Well, Christmas time is upon us.  I’m no stranger to being away from “home” for the holidays.  While I suppose this is home, it doesn’t feel like it.  Hopefully over time, that will change, but for now, it is what it is.  However, I decided in my mind to make the most of a less than ideal (that’s positive code talk for s****y ) situation by immersing myself in as much positivity and busy-ness as possible, as to avoid the pitfalls which the alternative can present.

First and foremost, what is Christmas without a tree?

My awesome holiday tree.

So, I wrangled up a tree.  Little more than a decorated pole for sure, but it still has character.  Also, against my initial inclination, I decided to participate in the school’s secret santa thingamajiggy.  So, I’ve taken my secret santa gifts, as well as the assorted gifts I received from students and staff, and decided not to open ’em.  Instead, I will wait until Christmas morning, at which time I shall waltz on over to the school, and sit beneath the soft glow of electric sex that is my decorated pipe cleaner pole, and open my gifts in a festive fashion, even if it’s completely forced.

A nighttime shot!

In addition to my stealing a Christmas tree….what is the holiday season without music?  Well, fortunately, I have not been deprived in this department either.  First, there was the Christmas Recital at one of the churches here in town.  It’s always a pleasure to see young musicians flexing their newly discovered musical wings for the love and admiration of all who will listen.  2 days later, I was treated to the first Christmas concert of our newly revised music program at Tok School.

Tok School Band/Choir Concert

Now, with young musicians comes a certain degree of…umm….hmmm….honks!  and squeaks!  and awkward moments of “Exactly what song is this supposed to be?  Jingle Bells?!?!?!?”  However, that’s part of the magic.  Though not all of the students will go on to be performing musicians in their later years, they are undoubtedly gaining many things form the exposure their receiving even from this one night.  Because of this, we smile through the honks, and the squeaks, and we turn our grimaces into smile when the instruments make tsunami size waves in the air.  Hell, it’s still better than 80% of the stuff MTV tries to pass off as music nowadays.

So I’m covering all my bases.  Tree?  Check!  Music? Check! (Allow me to also let you know that Pandora has an amazing Christmas Jazz station!) So, next is Christmas spirit right?  Well, I thought that taking part in the secret santa at work would help that.  Whether it did remains to be seen, but it’s always nice to bring smiles and good vibes to others, and i think that’s exactly what I did with little gems like these:

Yes, you are jealous as hell, because you did not get a handmade Christmas card by yours truly…but my secret santa recipient did.  Hopefully they liked my art work.  Also, allow me to inform you that the limerick is a D.M. original, and is copywritten. (I promise it is, believe that!)  Her actual gift was also kick butt, but I”m not telling you all what it is, lookieloo’s!

So what’s left?  Umm…there’s the spirit of giving….and of course awful Christmas clothing …and…hmm…I can’t think of anything else at the moment.  Well, all of that is going down here in Tok too.  Oh yes, not to be outdone by you there city slickers who may be reading this.  So, I’ve gotten into the habit of taking a nightly walk.  It helps slow me down, and allow me to consolidate my mind, and my emotions, and just center myself; “find the Quan” if you will.  So, the other night I ventured on over to the post office and saw this fabulous sight:

Free magazines at the post office

Oh yeah, free magazines at the post office.  You don’t wanna read it???  Give it to someone else.  Catalogs, papers, all the good stuff.  So, as I sat home later that night and read about the top 100 wines of 2010, the spirt of giving engulfed me, and I began Christmas shopping for the fam.  I haven’t finished yet, but I have some good ideas in mind, and it is truly the thought that counts.

Finally, there’s Christmas fashion.  I personally think that Christmas far surpasses Halloween as the holiday in which people will wear some of


the most awful things and try to pass it off as “OK” because it’s in spirit of the holiday.  Well, I decided to throw my hat in the ring this holiday season…if not for myself, then for my students, who are convinced that not only am I mean, awful, and even, but that I am a real life incarnation of the grinch, complete with a lump of coal heart.

Are you kidding me???  My pretty boy swag is on 100,000!!!  Needless, so say, my embracing of the Christmas spirit is a work in progress, but you gotta keep trying right???

Last but no least, a true hallmark of the holidays is food.  Unfortunately, due to my living conditions, cooking hasn’t been something I’ve been able to indulge in as much as I am used to.  However, I’m currently house sitting, as well as have a ton of free time on my hand.  So, I had to flex my kitchen muscles, and make sure I’m not too out of practice.  The result?


Oh yeah baby!!! So, all things considered, I’ve taken something that could be craptacular (Christmas alone in a strange place) and made it into something not so bad (Christmas alone in a strange place with a smile on my face).  I don’t know what the rest of my break and the holiday season will bring.  I’ve been invited to a Christmas Dinner or two, but I know sometimes I just don’t find myself feeling social in these situations.  Time will tell.  I also don’t want to think about New Years.  That thought does truly depress me.  Well, it could always be worse, and I can’t complain.

Happy Holidays to all of you.


2 thoughts on “Ho, ho, ho….and when you get your welfare check, you can kiss my mistletoe!

  1. Sounds like Christmas is hopping in Tok – We should all be so lucky! I am jealous – I didn’t get a homemade DM Christmas card! Nothing says holidays like a kids’ concert complete with the enjoyable honks and squeaks or innocently inappropriate action on stage (like when I little girl hikes her dress up under her chin to make it easier to adjust her tights – come on, we’ve all seen it happen at at least one concert! when I was a children’s choir director at a church, I had to remind a kindergartner not to do that on Easter Sunday because her mom was terrified she’d do it in front of the whole packed church). You forgot to add that you got to see a spectacular lunar eclipse when most of us weren’t able – this year it was holiday-rrific! BTW – My tree looks a lot like yours & you know how to rock a holiday outfit, hot stuff!

  2. My best part about your entry was the home made Christmas cards. I’m not sure but it seems like you put alot of efford into them. That alone showed enormous Christmas spirit.

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