Recollections and Remembrances

I don’t often blog about friends and family.  I’m not exactly sure why this is.  No…actually I know exactly why this is.  I suppose transparency would be the most accurate word that comes to mind.  Too much transparency.  When you dive into the inner circles of your personal life, there’s only a matter of time before you say something that cuts too close, or provides too clear a picture, and then feathers are ruffled.  Then fighting starts, or fussing…all that jazz.  Outside of the realm of political and social debate, I’m not one for conflict.  It’s a necessity of life for sure, but I’d just as rather avoid it.  Why argue?  What are we even arguing over?  It’s probably miniscule in the grand scheme of things to begin with.

I suppose this is why I’ve avoided talking about the people around me to any great lengths.  However, today I’m going to make an exception.  Mainly because the conversation which provoked the idea of writing this post also provided me one of the biggest laughs I’ve had this holiday season.  I can’t kid anyone.  This holiday season pretty much sucks.  I’m in the wilderness, literally.  But I’m a firm believer in making the most of what we have, and I’m doing such, but it takes effort to not dwell on the sweetness of breaking bread in Chicago with my friends and loved ones.  But it is what is, yet I digress.

So yesterday, I was having a conversation with my friend Crystal.  She called to check up on me, say hello, wish me a Merry Xmas, etc.  Throughout our conversation, something dawned on me that I hadn’t taken much time to think of…I’ve known Crystal for 15 years.  She is one of my oldest friends.  I find this intriguing because in essence, Crystal and I are such dynamically different people.

We met in ’95.  I was attending my first summer music camp at Western Illinois University.  She was too, along with her sister.  They were there for vocals, and I for saxophone.  They are a pair of country girls, very sweet, with those good old small town values and all that jazz.  I don’t recall  exactly how we actually met, or how a conversation struck, but somehow we struck up a friendship.

What brought this revelation to light in actuality was the little gem of knowledge that Crystal laid on me last night:  She has an older brother.



“I thought you knew.  I thought I told you once before.”

In retrospect, I suppose she could have told me.  I have a seriously defective memory.  Seriously defective.  Today, in conversation with another friend, she mentioned that she had just watched the Notebook.  I replied, “I’ve never seen it.”  To which she replied, “Yes you have, we watched it together!”

Well damn.  So, after Crystal continued on with her story, we laughed, and began reminiscing on how long we’ve known each other, and that caused me to think about life.  How quickly life goes by.  I think about how intriguing and wonderful it has been to see Crystal evolve from an awkward teenager (as we all are, whether we want to admit it or not) into a delightful, self-assured woman, with something I thought she’d never have, “urban sense and flava”….well, a little at least.  Kind of hard to come by growing up in Southern Illinois, but she has pulled it off nicely.

This eventually resulted in me thinking about my evolution.  I suppose that’s a topic for a completely different post at a completely different time.  Anyway, I suppose in the end, it’s nice to know that even after 15 years, there’s so much about Crystal I don’t know….and so much I do, and probably some things I know that I wish I didn’t…like her odd compulsion to take the TV remote to the crapper with her. Really???

Oh, is that cutting too close?


Crystal - Here's to 15 more years of having you in the folds of my life. Cheers!

3 thoughts on “Recollections and Remembrances

  1. Dion, I am literally laughing out loud right now! PS to all of you people who are reading this blog and wondering why the heck I bring the remote to the crapper, please let me enlighten ya’ll into our convo. 1st–I don’t bring the remote into the crapper (lol)…Dion lost HIS remote, whilest we were on the phone, so I merely started suggesting a bunch of completely unlikely places one might find a remonte–because in my experience, it’s always in the LEAST likely, and last place ya look. And we all know how easily distracted Dion can be, so I just thought *maybe* he had the remote in had, realized he needed/forgot something in the bathroom–or wanted to wash his hands, or brush is teethe–idk…but that when doing said random thing, he set down the remote and left it there. Now–I beseech you–is that all that crrazy?!?! 😛 lol Dion, you are a riot! I love and treasure the time and memories we’ve had, and I am honored to call you friend–and in shock that you are possibly one of my oldest friends. It’s so crazy how the time flies! Thank you for the sweet compliments and the blog! I thoroughly enjoyed it!! ps–I can’t beleive you used that pic of me–that pic is 3 years old people! lol too funny!! Love you D!!

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