“Can Alaska get the best of soul brother #1???”

The original title of this blog, when I first started composing it about 2 weeks ago was  “I ain’t never scared.”

It was birthed from the event of Alaskan weather hitting a new low for yours truly.  Now, when I got here, a major point of whisper and perhaps worry by many of my coworkers (particularly my principal, whom I think had a genuine fear of coming up with a dead body on his hands and a certificate that read “death by misadventure) was the notion that in the face of my first Alaskan winter, I would wither and die like a tulip in the Arctic Circle.

Now, I admit, that at the beginning, I got  a little worried. Everyone was talking about the horrors of Alaska in the dead of winter.

Do you have a car?

You’re gonna walk?!?!?!?

Do you have winter gear?


Any new experience comes naturally with a bit of fear, or at the very least trepidation.  Not really knowing what to expect, and if you’re not careful, your mind will manufacture the worst.  Well, what I witnessed when the temperature dwindled so very close to -50 degrees not only made me giggle, but gave me a great sense of vindication.

So, there was a basketball game at the school.  Following the basketball game, I was suiting up and getting ready for my .6 mile walk home.  As I stood amidst all of the people at the basketball game, I was a little shocked and appalled at what I witnessed:


Shivering, running, whining, “It’s so cold out…brrr!”  Now, there’s a difference between lamenting and whining, and there was a whole lot of whining going on.  It totally reminded me of what I often say to soft-hearted Chicagoans:  “How long have you been living here?  You should be used to it.  Shut up, wear a hat, and drink some water!”

So, I got my stuff on, and trudged out, with my head held high, into the dwindling temperatures, happy and giggling at the loss hardiness of the Alaskans around me in the face of mother nature.  The following day, all school activities were cancelled, due to the low temperatures, which I’m sure is a safety issue, etc.

The following day, I was explaining these thoughts to my friend, which included this illustrious exchange:

QoTD: “…but these Alaskans don’t hold up well to cold weather.  Big p*****s.” “hahaha just not as hard core as midwesterners.” ~Dion McGill & Elizabeth Catherine Miner

So, am I scared of cold temperatures.  Hell no!!!  I’ll also reiterate my thinking since arriving to this place:

” A car??  Those are too questionable.  These two babies I float upon will take me anywhere I want to go, day or night.”

That’s what I’ve said, that’s what I’ve shown, and you can ask Joe Rogan if you need to, but fear is not a factor for me!

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