What’s going on in Egypt???


Say it loud, say it proud…that’s right.  Egyptians have gotten off their butts, and are demanding fundamental change in their government.

If you’re not hip to this news story, you literally have had your head in the sand.  Here’s a link that should adequately bring you up to date on what’s been going down:

EGYPT: A Complete Guide To The 2011 Revolution

So, what are the leading complaints of the Egyptian people? Poverty, Unemployment, and government corruption.  Hmm…I’ve heard those things somewhere before.  Oh yeah, that’s right….in the United States.

This revolt in Egypt was surely inspired by a similar revolt in Tunisia which has driven the president into exile…which I suppose means he’s not the president anymore.

However, I am completely fascinated when things like this happen, particularly because I often wonder what would drive Americans to once again take to the streets in widespread revolt. Hopefully we never have to find out.

However, I hope that the Egyptian people get the freedom and society which they are asking for.

Also, much like in any highly volatile political situation, people have taken advantage of a golden opportunity and taken to looting and destroying parts of the city.  This is very unfortunate, but unfortunately has come to be synonymous with these types of widespread political explosions.

Also, if you want the best up to the minute news on this situation, go to Al Jazeera English. They have a live news feed online, and  they, unlike most of American news outlets,  are so damn good at reporting that Egypt has taken away their news credentials and attempted to push them out of the country, as have other countries where the leaders wouldn’t like the world to know what’s going on within their borders.  In my opinion, that’s how you know when a news outlet is good, when the establishment hates it.

So, I ask you, What’s going on in Egypt??


2 thoughts on “What’s going on in Egypt???

  1. Viva la Revolution! 🙂 Good for them I say… I wish sometimes we would do the same thing… I hope that the world sees this, knows that this could happen anywhere, and shapes the heck up…

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