Quick Update….What’s going on?

So, I’m just killing a few minutes before I start walking toward Fast Eddy’s to watch the Super Bowl and get some food.

So, what can I say…I’m still here.  I’m still alive.  I’m still kicking.  Still smiling, still BJJ’ing my face off whenever possible.

So, classes are going alright.  I feel like I”ve gotten nothing done in my classes the last few weeks.  My being sick just seemed to throw a huge monkey wrench in the works.  I also feel like I’m dragging my students kicking and screaming 98% of the time.  I just wish I could take them on a trip to see the world, the world outside of Tok.  So they could see the possibilities, both high and low.  When I was there age…hell, even now…I realized and realize sometimes we have to do things we don’t wanna do to get where we wanna be.  I wanna get my cheddar.  I wanna be able to wake up, go to the fridge, and not worry about how much food is in it, or how my bills are getting paid this month.  Without a high school diploma, that ain’t happening in today’s world.  Some of them just don’t see that.  However, the ones that do make the bad days worth it, and make the good days uber-satisfying.

The BJJ club is going well. I have 1 student who is dedicated and always ready to roll, and I dig that.  I had to close down shop last week as my students were slacking in their class work. No grades, no roll.  But they seem to be back on track.  We’re now preparing for a competition on March 12th in Anchorage.  I’m excited, and I know I will have at least 1 competitor.  We’ll see if the other 2 are ready to roll, but it should be good.

I watched an amazing night of fights last night.  UFC 126 was the bomb, and lived up to all the hype, even if pretty much everyone I wanted to win went down in blazes of glory.  Let it be known:  Yes, I hate Anderson Silva…but damn, he is sooo damn good it can’t be denied.  GSP to the rescue!!!!

I watch the fights at one of the bars here in town, the Tok Lodge.  I drank diet pepsi (which gives me some crazy post fight cramps…damn aspartame!!!!) and got acquainted with even more of the townies and such.  Everyone here seems pretty nice, to my face anyway, and friendly and such.  I totally love the bartender at the Tok Lodge as well.  Her name is Thala, and she rocks.  She’s an older lady, and mad gangster.  When she gets mad, the first words out of her mouth are “Mother F***er….”  That’s mad Chitown style!

In a quick side note, I used Facebook today for the first time in 12 days.  It’s been nice to talk with people in other aspects.  Getting unexpected texts, or an email to inform me of Aurorae activity…it’s so much more personal.  Facebook is great for keeping in touch, but it’s soo…sterile.  Also, big ups to those of you who’ve sent me actual to reality letters over the past few weeks.  I love writing, and it’s such a pleasant thought that someone took time out of the grind of life to think about you. How often do we actually do that nowadays?

So, all things considered, I’m still alive and kicking. Looking forward to even warmer weather, even more sunshine (VITAMIN D FOR EVERYBODY!!)  and getting back to the Chi this summer!  Get like me!  Konichiwa b****es!

Oh yeah, if you call me and don’t get anything, it’s because I lost the charging cable to my iPhone, so it may be a day or two before I scam up a replacement.  Mea culpa!

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