It’s been a while….

…since I updated my blog….sowwy.

…since I could say I wasn’t addicted…to brazilian jiu jitsu.

…since I’ve been in the busy, noisy streets of the city, music in my ears and my mind in a whirl of thought and stimulation.

…since I felt comfortable, truly comfortable, with the people around me.

…since I found regret in a profound decision.

…since I smiled while thinking about the affairs of the world.

…since I smiled while thinking the state of education in America.  Screw you standardized tests.

…since I truly missed something, wholeheartedly and without reservation.

…since I lusted after a first kiss, or after the joy of walking hand in hand down a road with no other cares in the world than of that moment in time.

…since I felt a part of the collective around me. I often wonder how long an individual can exist in solitary before adverse reactions develop.

…since I felt warm weather.  Alaskan winters are truly a unique beast.

…since I felt at home.  Even at my home I didn’t feel at home.  Where should I be?

…since I found brotherhood in exulted experience.


One thought on “It’s been a while….

  1. Love you baby! Hope things start lookin up…my thoughts are with you hon!! (and I’m always just a phone call away!!)

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