Hour 3!

Well, another day, and another hour of getting my neck, and arms handed to me.  It’s all good though.  I wasn’t breathing like a dragon and half dead like yesterday, which I think is due to the less humid day. However, I had a great time. It was great rolling, and watching other people roll, and just feeling the camaraderie of a good training session.

Afterwards, I went and looked at an apartment a mile away from the academy.  The person looking to rent out a room seemed really nice.  It’s been interesting, the people I’ve met in this quest for a summer home.  I actually spoke with one today.  I didn’t get the place (another person simply offered more money), but he said that his roommate thought I was very cool, and would love to hang out if time permits.  He himself is leaving town for a while.  I was flattered.  I’m not such a bad dude after all I suppose.

So, in lieu of heading back to jiu jitsu this evening, I had dinner with one of my oldest and dearest friends, and her daughter.  It was uber cool. The daughter, whom I have affectionately referred to as “Blondie” since the age of about 6, due to the gorgeous blond hair she was endowed with, just completed her sophomore year of high school.  I remember when she was so little, and I used to tickle her and bounce her around the room, and strap her into her car seat…and now she has a boyfriend, and going out and texting, and all that kind of cool stuff.  It just reminds you how quickly life passes.

Well, tomorrow will be my first No-Gi class in who knows how long.  My no-gi is worse than my gi, so I’m looking forward to learning….a lot!

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