Holy Jamboree Batman!!!

Well, yesterday I checked out the Q101 Jamboree.  The lineup was:

30 seconds to Mars (Outstanding Show)
Papa Roach (Outstanding Show)
Ed Kowalczyk from Live
Sum 41
Greek Fire (Outstanding Show)
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
So, let’s start by discussing how I ended up at Q101 Jamboree, which under normal circumstances, I would never be caught dead at.  Well, that statement isn’t absolutely true.  Once upon a time, I thought Q101 was a cool station. When it was eclectic, and yes, in some cases, rock.  I went to a Q101 Jamboree eons ago.  It was my first ever outdoor concert, and allow us to dazzle a moment over the difference in lineup from then to now:

Alien Ant Farm
Monster Magnet
Linkin Prk
Lucky Boys Confusion
Papa Roach
From Zero
Crazy Town

So yeah, way different in some cases.  Anywho, my friend Janine invited me out to check out the concert.  Much to my nature, I said “What the hell!”  and happily agreed.

Well, I’m very glad I did.  One of the great things about alternative music, is that most of the bands pull off sounding a lot heavier than they do in recordings.  I have to admit I got pumped when Seether pulled off an excellent cover of “Heart Shaped Box”.  I also was thoroughly entertained by both Papa Roach (Amazing live show, much better than 2001) and 30 Seconds to Mars (those dudes know how to work it).  I don’t think I’ll be going out and buying any CD’s, but I will happily add any of those bands to my Pandora, and might start up a Q101 Jamboree 2011 channel in all of their honors.

I must admit though that the aesthetic of this concert was nicer than most concerts I go to.  The one thing about metal shows is that there are so many meat heads, and marvels of modern science who just seem like they’re there to get drunk, and feed their testosterone driven rage by getting into a fight with someone smaller than them.  I’m pretty much of the mindset that if I have to raise my hands to you, I’m gonna make it worth the ticket money I’m gonna be out, and the time in jail once the police pry me off of you, so to avoid such a situation is in everyone’s best interest.  Anywho, it wasn’t like that yesterday, at least predominantly.  I got into conversations with a few people, and even the two douchebags sitting a few seats away from me scamming on all the women around them were amicable, drunk from sun up to sun down, but amicable.

The next thing was the storm that ran through the Chicago area during the concert.  Holy Hell!!!  It broke loose.  People started dashing for cover.  I couldn’t hold my water any longer, and had to make a mad dash for the bathroom.  Not only did I get soaked from head to toe, but it turns out that once the storm broke, the bathrooms suddenly became coed as everyone tried to keep dry.  So I was peeing about 3 feet away from a circle of cackling coeds.  Talk about a good time!!!

So now, I’m heading to Macomb for the week.  My bestie, Kerry, lives there, and I finally get to see her, and finally meet her family, whom I’ve only talked to on Facebook.  Kerry is also an avid marathon runner (and a member of the Half Fanatics for all you running afficionados) as well as an avid bicyclist, so I’m hoping to get some good conditioning in while I’m down in her neck of the woods.  It’s also nice to get down to Macomb, IL.  which is very dead and humdrum in the summer.  I liek the feeling, it’s not as isolated as Tok, but it’s nice to be able to just walk lazily with my headphones on, and just feel like I’m in a leave it to beaver episode, complete with a town square, and a bunch of old folks chilling on their porch swings, or working in their yards.

Finally, I think I’m dangerously close to finding somewhere to live.  I’m feeling good about this last apartment I looked at Friday.  I can taste the bedsheets on my tongue.  Umm…weird analogy right???  Anyway, I’m off like a prom dress.  See you on the other side.


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