Hours 6, 7, 8, and 9…and art…or at least that’s what they call it…

So, finally got a full day of training in.  This morning was 2 hours of Advanced class.  It was rough.  We learned a very nice takedown: simple, but very effective.  From there, we rolled.  man, I was dealing with some tough characters, and man, it’s hard to keep up.  I feel more comfortable working from the bottom, which is a plus, and I’m developing my ability to sweep, which is pretty cool, but I still feel like a beached whale from the top.  No style, no finesse.  I suppose that too will come with time.  Hours 8 and 9 were a mix of fundamentals and advanced class.  All in the same day.  Yes, I got 4 hours of training in today, and it was fabulous!!!

In between classes, I headed to the Museum of Contemporary Art.  Did you know that Tuesdays in the summer are their free days.  So, there’s a huge exhibit featuring the art of Mark Bradford.  Now, I’m not going to sit here and criticize his art, or the art of any of the artists currently featured in the museum…but…yeah…I don’t understand abstract art.

As I walked through the museum, I read all the descriptions of the pieces. Mr. Bradfords work is all about minimalism, and abstract ideals, and lines, and contrast.  But looking at a huge palette of brown squares…umm….huh?  I often find myself thinking “Damn, if these people are getting paid for this, I will happily wipe snot and feces on brightly colored paper, bake it in the sun, and then dribble colored saliva on it, mount, and sell!”  Ok, maybe those weren’t my exact thoughts, but as I walk through the museum, I often feel that people think I’m shaking my head as a reaction of outrage to the oppressive powers in the world that are the catalysts for Mr Bradford’s art.  I am actually trying not to giggle and say “Really?  Really?!?!?!?”

However, everyone’s a critic, and what I fail to understand surely is seen by some people as a bold statement which speaks loud and clear to their inner souls.  This is evident by the people commenting on how bold and striking this piece is, as I turned around to see a gray mound of paper that looked like someone went at it with a hacksaw and grinder.  As I read the description….the artist went at a stack of paper with a hacksaw and a grinder, because as you grind away the top layers, the lighter hues start to come through….bold and striking indeed.

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