My vacation from my vacation, making new connections with old people, and Hour 5!

Well, I spent a week down in Macomb, IL. with my best friend Kerry.  What can I say, it was great.  I fear after about 4 days that Kerry and I begin to loathe the very things that we love about each other, but we learn to coexist and have moments of delight in each others’ company.  So, Kerry set me up on a great path to running victory.  I got some good shorts for running in, as well as a few other items of running paraphernalia. We went running all but I think three days I was there, mostly together, a few times separately.  Kerry is a total road warrior when it comes to running, and definitely an inspiration to me.  She rocks!

Aside from running, I like visiting Macomb because it’s just so quiet and relaxing.  In the summer it’s dead, but not dead in the same way rural Alaska is.  I mean, there’s a walmart, and tons of stores, and restaurants, and people around…I mean it’s relatively urban.  But just the population and pace of life dies down.  It’s a perfect counterpoint to the life I live here in Chicago, and it’s nice.

While I was there, something really cool happened also. So, Kerry and I were in Hyvee grocery shopping.  As we were walking to the dairy aisle, there was a little kiosk sitting at the edge of a cooler. It just seemed out of place, so I walked up and checked it out.  It was actually a place for people to apply to win 4 free gallons of milk, which is just what Kerry was buying.  So, I entered her into the contest without giving it much of a thought.  Well, 2 days after I left, she was notified that she won!!! How cool is that?  Well, it’s cool to me!

So, on my way back from Macomb, I was able to arrange to have breakfast with an old friend I hadn’t seen in 11 years.  Her name is Elizabeth. She is an absolute doll. Needless to say that the breakfast was great.  I mean, good food in fabulous company.  Elizabeth is one of those kind of people who can light a room when she walks into it, and who’s laugh projects like music and puts a smile on the faces of all around it.  And to say she’s easy on the eyes is beyond and understatement.  I fortunately have mastered the art of not staring.  How she’s not married yet is beyond me.  But it was way cool, and I hope to see her again soon.

So finally, I made it back to the Chi, and got moved into my new apartment.  I have 2 roommates, male, and they seem very cool.  Very chill and laid back. I actually don’t see them often.  I’m not home much to begin with, and they don’t seem to be either.  So, a nice quiet, relaxed environment, which is just how I like it.  Shhhh!!!!

So, I got back to training.  It’s a process for sure.  It’s something I love and enjoy, and that’s all there is to say about that.  Hour 5 is in the can.

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