Hours 11 and 12

So, today was a great morning of training.  We learned a couple of attacks fromt he side mount, which I need to go to the store and get a notebook for so I don’t forget them.  Kyle, one of the guys who trains there said “I always feel like I learn something new everyday, and that I totally forgot what I learned yesterday!”  I was glad to know that I’m not the only one.  I feel like a total idiot sometimes.  So, I’m gonna get a notebook today, and keep track of the techniques that I learn, so I can at least look back at them later and think “oh yeah, I remember that.  I should give it a try today!”

Also, Prof. Adem was on the mats today. He previously injured his knee, which is the second time in about a year if I recall correctly (injured the OTHER knee last time), and he had knee surgery 2 weeks ago.  2 WEEKS AGO!!!!  How freaking crazy is that?  The man was back on the mat: instructing, and rolling.  What an inspiration.  I see things like that, and it just makes me want to train more.  Every day is a breath of fresh air when you’re healthy, and able to embrace life.  Looking forward to heading back to class tonight.

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