Hour 15 – No Gi Madness!!!

So this morning was Black Belt Program – No Gi.  My No Gi game is rudimentary at best, but I find that the wrestling experience I garnered from coaching this past year definitely comes in handy.  To me, No Gi is a cardio explosion, since there are so many moments where you find yourself scrambling, or can explode out of something due to the slipperiness of  your body as you start to sweat.  But it’s fun, and it’s a nice supplement to Gi training, which sometimes can be hell on the fingers!

So today, we learned an awesome butterfly sweep, and modified guillotine choke combination, one which slides ever so smoothly into the other.  I bought a notebook yesterday, so tonight I will definitely add these moves into it’s pages, and save them there for posterity’s sake. It would be awesome if I developed a nice butterfly guard, and a No-Gi game.  Right?

I also got a chance to work through a half guard sweep that I saw from a video of Pablo Popovitch, but haven’t had a chance to go through.  I showed it to my buddy Tom, and he and I went through it a few times.  I can see the effectiveness of it, and I rather like the sweep, but will I be able to implement it into my game.  Well, I think I will continue drilling it when possible, and over time, yeah, it’ll come.  Pablo also mentioned that it is his basic half guard sweep, and he has 30 variations.  Really?!?!?!?

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