So what had happened was….

So here’s what happened…
….I googled Office Depot. 3 miles away. No big deal, and I go right past Dominick’s. So, go to Office Depot, and then grocery shopping, and be back in 3 hours. No big deal right? Well, that’s when my brain turned to jello-o.

I set out. Got a mile away when I figured out I’d forgotten my wallet. So, I walked back to get it. Upon getting home, I looked at my wallet, and then went to the bathroom, got some water (it was 90 degrees and sunny out there), and then headed out the door. Notice something?

So, I walked 3 miles to Office Depot…only to discover that I did not have my wallet with me.  Can you believe that?  What could I say? So I schlepped the 3 miles back. Boo-boo faced and hot. At that point, I got home, grabbed my car keys, and my wallet, and more water, and set back out on the original mission. I felt like a total idiot. Fortunately, I got the errands done I intended to, and snuck in a delightful lunch/dinner. Now I’m gonna shower (sweaty as all get out), relax, and watch a movie, or 2, or 3.

What a day!


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