The Organic Nature of City Life

So, today was a fabulous day.  It started out with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training, of course.  We worked on maintaining the mount position, and on drills that work on this position, and the different phases of mount.  I’ve noticed that there is an even  greater emphasis on drilling at the academy since I left, and I’m loving it.  I think it’s honestly helping me to develop my game, and my abilities, while trying to gain some new ones.

After that, I was pretty tired.  So I headed home, had an awesome lunch of homemade chicken wraps and blueberries.  After that, I relaxed for a bit before heading downtown.

After tooling around for a bit, I met up with Laurel.  Laurel is a new friend I made during my apartment hunt.  She’s very cool.  A corporate business woman, but she definitely has a “live by the seat of your pants” outlook, and is great company for any kind of outing.  So, we headed to the Taste to see NATALIE COLE!

So, this is what I’ll say about Mrs. Cole:  She looks great, she sounds great, she even signed an autograph while singing a song…the woman is bad!  She started with a bunch of classic jazz tunes, moved on to her more upbeat pieces, and then ended it with some of her classics.

And then:  The rain started.  By the second half of her set, we’d moved into the seating pavilion.  Once the rain started, we were able to get into the first few rows, and Laurel went up to the front row. She is a front row person for sure.  So, at the conclusion of the concert, it was food time.  I tried some awesome stuff.  Sauteed goat, and fried plantains, a combo sampler from that Texas Brazilian Barbecue place I always hear tons about, flash freezed Garret’s popcorn, Eli Cheesecake on a stick…and….I introduced Laurel to…..drumroll please……RAINBOW CONE!!!  I was shocked and appalled she’d never had a rainbow cone.

After foodt, we walked over to Millennium Park…and that was when the storm began.  Like full on torrential downpour. Initially, we ran under the bean, as a contingent of people was gathering.  But then we heard a security guard yell “That’s not a good idea.  The thing is made of metal, it attracts lighting!”  So, we scurried to the underground bathrooms.  As we ran, we could hear the people under the bean singing “Olay, olay olay olay…..”

So, we waited out the downpour, and when it became bearable, made it to the train station. It was about that time, the hail started.

So, I took pics and vid. Enjoy!!!!

I will attempt to upload the few videos I took soon.  They seem to be the wrong format for WordPress.  C’est la vie!!!


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