The Constitution

So the question was: In a recent poll, 73% of respondents said they thought the Founding Fathers would be ashamed of what America has become, while only 6% said they would be proud. Has America drifted away from its founding principles?

my reply: drifted away??? It’s hit a completely new continent…now that’s not all completely bad. I don’t think I’d much like living out my life in chains…but the ideals of how government should work has definitely flown the coop.

Food for thought.


2 thoughts on “The Constitution

  1. What part of losing freedom is good. What part of government controling our lives from what we eat, how much and when we can crap to what cars we can drive, to how gas we can use, to what we can or can’t do on our private properityhow much water we can use in our toilets etc is what is happening now. If you like living in a total dicatorship then this is a good thing. Tryanny is not good. Ourt founding fathers knew this and this is why the wrote the Constitution.

  2. The Constitution, in my opinion, only affords freedom when people are actively involved in the democratic process. Our government was hijacked God knows how long ago, by special interest groups, and PAC’s, and big business. True freedom, in today’s society, comes to those who can afford it. The rest of us are sold a pipe dream, where we think we have some semblance of freedom. While freedom is certainly a subjective concept, I think what we experience here in the U.S. is surely lacking.

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