The life and times of an adventurous soul in the city

“So what had happened was…”

So, today started off with me feeling pretty craptacular.  Jut had no energy, and no motivation.  I woke up in enough time to head to Fundamentals training today, but it just didn’t happen.  Fortunately, a word of encouragement from Professor Adem got me moving, and I dragged myself on over to the academy.

Well, as always, class was amazing.  We’ve heavily been working on positional drilling.  It’s way more focused than just sparring, and gives you a chance to immediately recognize deficiencies, and start working on patching them up.  It’s also an amazing workout.  I totally dig it!

Following class, I drag myself on back to the apartment, and was preparing to start making lunch, and settling down for an afternoon/evening of watching movies.  And then, I saw it:

Common:  I’m in such a good vibe 2day, I’m gonna treat 2people in 4 citys to see the Tribe documentary. Stay tuned

I didn’t think much of it at all.  Unbeknownst to me until later in the day, a message preceded this one asking who’d seen the documentary, and what they thought of it.  So, in the long list of status messages, and news articles, and high heel shoes pics (what the hell is up with the high heel shoes pics from high heel shoe profiles that tag my friends in their pics?), I didn’t give it a second thought.  I began chatting with a friend, letting the screen refresh every few minutes, and then I saw
Common: 1st up Chi! 7/16/11 2DAY @4:35 show @CENTURY CENTRE CINEMA Conf# 713206483 ENJOY!

So, basically what this was is Common ordered tickets from the box office, and got a confirmation number for them.  Whoever showed up at the box office first, with the confirmation number, got the tickets.  So, I asked my friend “Think I should go for it?”  Upon the reply of “yeah”, I stuck it into high gear.  Grabbed my keys, my wallet, my phone, and ran to my car.

Upon looking at Google Maps, the theatre is 9 mins. by car from my house.  9 mins….I can surely beat any sucka MC’s who are trying to creep in on my tickets.

9 mins…well, that may have been the case…if there weren’t a Cubs game letting out just as I left my house.  So, I take Lawrence to Clark, and I bust a mad right on clark, and I’m putting some major speed on…

…..AND BAM!!!!  Gridlock!  Damn loser Cubs, why must you mess up my opportunity for quality free entertainment!!!

Fortunately, I have a pretty good directional acumen, so I start hitting the side streets, hard!  I’m busting a left, hitting a right…LOOK OUT OLD LADY, AND WHY ARE YOU PUSHING A BABY CARRIAGE!

So, about 40 minutes later.  I’m pulling up on Halsted, which is a half mile from the theater.  I drop an hours worth of change into the automated meter, get my receipt, and I bust out a very comfortable, yet time efficient jog.

So I go into the Century Landmark Center, which is really a huge ubermall built on a weird pyramidish floor system. The floors slope up, and is like super wheelchair friendly.  Anywho, I take the elevator, up to the fourth floor.

So, at this point, I’m sweating like a Tijuana whore (damn Chicago humanity), and I’m probably a bit unsightly, and I say to the guy:

“This may seem like a really strange question, but has anyone claimed the Common tickets?”

“Well…I don’t know.”

“I have the confirmation number” to which he replies, “well let me check.”


I beamed to the young man, and young lady with a huge smile on my face:


So, at that point, I stood in the cool air conditioning, and thought “Damn, now I need to find someone to take this other ticket”

To make a long story short…I did not find someone to take the other ticket.  I did however, see a fabulous movie that chronicled one of the seminal groups in hip hop music.  Amazing!!! That’s all you can say about a Tribe Called Quest. The movie captures every little bit of that. It also captures the issues that effectively brought the group to an end…but I thought it was a fabulous film, and I would highly recommend it.

After the film, I walked 2.2 miles to my car, which I had parked in the first strip of land that I noticed didn’t have parking meters.  It was a great parking spot, and I truly appreciated the walk.  I finally saw the Chicago Music Exchange, and now that I know it’s within walking distance, I will go and visit it pretty soon.

Once I got home, and sat down, and got to breathe for a second, the first thought that came ot my mind was

“My thirst for adventure is so evident and prevalent.  Sometimes, I overwhelm even myself.”

That’s all this whole episode was about.  Adventure.  Going out with a hope for adventure.  If I’d had gotten to the box office, and they said to me “Sorry, but seems like someone has already gotten those.”  I wouldn’t have been the least bit upset.  I got out, I got some air, and I got a taste of adventure. I probably would’ve came home, and watched movies, or even gone to Millennium Park for the encore of  Penderecki does Penderecki (which was beautiful by the way).  But I took a chance…and it paid off.

So, the moral of the story?

When Opportunity knocks, know that she’s usually accompanied by her burly, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practicing cousin Adventure…and win or lose, if you enter with the right state of mind, you’re bound to have a good time.

To top off the day, one of my old friends from WIU, Beena, posted on facebook that it is a beautiful night for a walk.  “yes it is” I replied, and that led to Beena popping up at my door about 15 minutes later. We drove a litter further west through Ravenswood, and Beena took me on her favorite city walk.  It was some beautiful scenery, and great conversation.  While I love the friends that life has brought to me, I do wish I had more friends like Beena.  She’s so carefree. “Let’s go for a walk” isn’t an idea for something for next week, or next month…it’s a thought that’s easily made a reality in a 15 or 20 minute drive….right after leaving work nonetheless.  That’s my style!  I feel great, and I got mad love for the city, and the people in it.  Tschus!

5 thoughts on “The life and times of an adventurous soul in the city

  1. I love your summer stories … reminds me of a previous me. Grabbing all the good that passes by. We had an amazing, A-Mazing night here. Jo and I learned the basics of tango dancing then listened to this jaw-dropping performance of tango music by outrageously talented duo on guitar and flute. ( The concert was at my friend’s house and we were just about a dozen, a few more of us there. So close. Good food, good wine. So, even in Tok, a little opportunity, a little adventure.


  2. That’s excellent. You will have to show me the Tango basics when I get back. That is something I really want to learn to do, but have never really had a good opportunity. I’m glad things are going well there in Tok. Look forward to seeing you.

  3. If I lived closer, I’d definitely be calling you up on the fly for runs, walks, whatever! So love that you are taking full advantage of your “Summer in the City.” 🙂

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