Dreams…Crazy Dreams….

…so I’ve lately been having this crazy series of dreams.  Kind of hard to explain, but allow me to give it a try.

So in these recent dreams I’ve been having, I don’t know exactly where I am, but I do know that it’s NOT Disney World. I know this because I constantly make reference to Disney World in said dreams. Going on…

So these dreams, which I think I remember mostly because of the vividness of the colors that I see.  It’s like the brightest, richest colors imagineable are everywhere.  So, in the dreams, I’m somehow watching a performance ensemble.  They’re a mix of a rock band, and Drum and Bugle Corps, kind of like Blast!, but significantly more high tech, and trippy…and there’s no marching around.  You’d have to check out a video of blast on YouTube to fully grasp what I’m trying to explain.

In the dream, it’s like I’m the only spectator, and I never see anyone other than the performers on stage, but I hear a voice asking me what I think of the show, and what could be done to make it better.  So, I find myself saying “this group is a lot like Future Corps, the Drum Corps-esque ensemble that used to perform at Epcot Center, etc.” And so the dream would continue with this group playing songs, and this endless dialogue between me and this omnipresent voice.

So, last night, the dream took a new twist, when suddenly, the “leader” of this group finally introduces themself, and it’s ONE OF MY STUDENTS!  So, things just took a turn to the absurdly surreal when suddenly I’m in a war scene, and this musical group is fighting against an Army of my COWORKERS!!!!

It was just strange, every night just gets stranger, and now I’m a little scared as to what the next twist or turn may be.  I liked it better when I didn’t remember my dreams.  The whole blood and guts motif just isn’t working for me.  Perhaps this is my mind telling me that Alaska will be the destruction of me. Hmm…

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