Remembering to…

…enjoy the little things.

So this weekend, I had a chance to get away from this box that I find myself in, and just let it all hang out.  My spirit is too great to be boxed in as it’s been.  That’s not too say that I’m better than anyone or anything of that nature.  But I need people. I need excitement. I need some degree of anonymity as well.  Living here, there is a very fine line between seclusion, and anonymity. One is virtually impossible without the other.  Going to a larger place, a city (by name alone I’d say), offered me an opportunity to meet new people, and to be free.

I must admit, I haven’t drank that heavily since 2005, in the clubs of Germany. But, I kept in control of my faculties, and I had a good time. I left inhibition to the wind, and before I knew it, I was dancing (something I never do), and talking to random strangers (both male and female)…asking young ladies about their tattoos.

“Your back piece took 80 hours???  Damn girl, you a real man, I’m just a pretender!”  

That was awesome.  Not to mention the fabulous company I found myself in.  I’m glad that I have found a group of friends that I can joke around with, and spend time with, and get to know on a more personal level that most of the people I find myself with. Not that they aren’t all find people, but there just comes that “click” that comes with people with whom you share certain things.

As I rode back from Fairbanks, I got a chance to chat with one of my favorite coworkers, a delightful woman with whom I often feel I share very little in the likes of interest and world experience, but she is thoroughly delightful nonetheless.  That simple act, just talking about a myriad of topics as the miles between us and Tok dwindled….well man, that was amazing.

A few nights later, I spent close to 2 hours sitting on a couch in a bar talking to a woman about politics and philosophy.  The words: “Do you know who Cornell West is?”  escaped from her lips, and all bets were off.


Those are the little things.  Good conversations.  Sitting in my classroom, as I’m doing right now, listening to tons of good music on Spotify (which I discovered yesterday thanks to my buddy Pete. Pete, you rock!) and thinking about all the good things that are bound to come my way.

Sometimes, it’s hard not to dwell on negativity.  I find myself sometimes thinking about such negative things, and I sometimes try to just quiet my mind and my mouth, and to just let my thoughts walk themselves around, as I simply observe all that goes on around me, trying to make sense of each moment, as it folds into the next.

That’s why the small things are so important.

  • A few kids who see Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as the beautiful art that I do.
  • A few kids who cross my threshold with a thirst to learn something new, to be better than they were yesterday, to go beyond the limits that circumstance has set for them.
  • good music
  • good movies
  • good laughs
Sometimes I lament the things I don’t have. Being single, living alone, sitting at my beautiful dining room table, resting my chin upon one hand, and wondering if after all I’ve done, and seen, and experienced, if maybe this one decision was the one that was simply wrong for me.
But then I sigh, and I put on a little Floetry, and simply dance across my hardwood floors, letting my mind escape…imagine.  Or I text a friend, and have a 45 minute conversation of idle banter and impossible notions.(Those of you who stay up till 1 and 2 in the morning shooting the bull with me, you have no idea how much I value you).
Something so simple as sticking some fruit in my juicer and having a fresh, frothy treat.
So simple.  So inconsequential.  so little.
“A vortec 6 f***in liter V8, a box of hollow points, and lord willing a G.D. twinky. Gotta enjoy the little things.” ~ Tallahassee

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