Thought balloons and silicone dreams

I recently had a conversation that got me thinking:

What would the world be like if our thoughts appeared above our heads like in comic strips. 

I’m pretty sure that first and foremost I would be shunned.  I have some pretty odd thoughts at times…and I’m pretty sure that at some points, those thoughts could be deemed offensive.

But surely, that doesn’t make me a bad person.  I imagine how liberated our lives would/could be if we simply had to let everything hang out.

“Yes, I do think you’re a dirtbag. If you look around kind sir, you’ll find that everyone here thinks you’re a dirtbag….see!”

And then of course is the wide world of romance and relationships.

Imagine, if someone walked up to you, and above your head saw:

that would be that.  There would either be acceptance, or rejection.  But there wouldn’t be any false pretenses, or lies, or misleading.  But then again, when your father in law sees:

Well, there goes that.  Perhaps, I’m happy we don’t have thought bubbles, but I definitely think I should try to speak my mind more…better…more?

One thought on “Thought balloons and silicone dreams

  1. This makes me think of that night we were working concessions….There is a name for those kinds of things, they are called Obtrusive Thoughts and I have them quite often. They leave me thinking, Where the Hell did that come from!!! I definitely would not like thought balloons floating above my head, LOL!!!

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