State of the Union 2012

So, I posted the following as a status on Facebook, and after posting it, thought it was kind of poignant, so I’m sharing here.

“5 minutes till the online-only enhanced version of President Obama’s third State of the Union Address starts. I’m middle class (no class according to Mitt Romney, because he and his $20 million income are middle class), and the GOP not only wants to assault my personal beliefs with their overriding sense of conservativism and their attempts to mandate their sense of moralism, but they’re also completely out of touch with my concerns and needs as an American, not only of working class stock, but also as a minority in America. So, I’m strapping my gloves on, and I’m ready for a knock-down, drag out slobberknocker, because I’m not taking one of those jokers as my president without a fight. And in the most unfortunate of cases that one of them succeeds, then much like my tenure under the cloud of despair known as the Bush years, I’ll be running back into the trenches as a dissident against the falling of American values…and being a political dissident is one of the truest homages to real American values, not s**tting on people like Newt Gingrich would have you believe.”


The President has made some really strong points, but the speech is not over.  I will post a link as soon as possible, and I will try to post the enhanced graphics one.  I think the server was just too flooded, because it wouldn’t work for more than 3 seconds without locking up.  I saw how it works in his last speech, and it’s pretty cool!

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