Up, up, and away….

Wow.  It’s 12:31am, and I find my mind just in a swirl of thought.  I also don’t feel like going out into the cold air…nor do I feel like changing out of my workout clothes, and I feel my body cooling and winding down.  I definitely should be sleeping.  I would like to wake up early in the morning and do some domestic things…and then of course I have work to do.

Work…the newest dirty four letter word.

Well, I just finished my second cardio workout of the day.  Both short, but got in some good work.  burned approximately 1000 calories between the two, climbed more than 200 floors. Definitely not earth shattering, but good for me.

So, life is marching along.  This school year seems to have flown by.  Perhaps that’s because I’ve had more company this year, perhaps I simply found better ways to spend my time.  Not sure.

So, things in my life have been pretty humdrum.  I work, I work out, I read, watch movies, hang out with my buddy Matt.  That about sums it up.  Some days my life definitely seems surreal.  I look back upon the life I’ve had the fortune to live, and this is by far one of the more interesting chapters of it.  I still can’t get over the fact that I live over 200 miles away from a bookstore. From a McDonald’s.  I don’t even eat that poison, but isn’t that the yardstick from which we measure civilization?

So, today was the IBJJF Chicago International Open, a huge Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament.  Many of the guys that I trained with in Chicago competed, which in and of itself is a huge accomplishment.  Gracie Barra took third overall, which is awesome.  As I read about how people’s matches were going, and seeing videos and such, I was so very happy for all of them…but with that happiness came a sense of melancholy.  I miss that.  I miss competition training.  Having the guys drag me through with kind words as I wanted nothing else to walk out and probably never come back.  But, it was always amazing, and I always walked away with a great feeling of accomplishment, and a feeling of being one step closer to a goal. That goal?  Becoming a black belt some day?  Simply having greater knowledge and ability of an amazing art?  I don’t know, but I relished that feeling.  That’s what got me walking through the door every day.

When was the last time I felt that?  Last summer.  I miss it.  It’s the lack of that feeling that creates a void that simply can’t be filled at this juncture.  Eh….

So, for those of you who say that I never complain, there you go.

So, in other news, politics have been on my mind lately.  Not just what’s going on in the political arena, but becoming involved in politics.  I shall blog about that later at some point in the not too distant future.  When motivation and occasion hits me. I find that those two don’t tend to meet up much nowadays.  Motivation is so fleeting in the wilderness of Alaska.

Well, that’s life in Tok in a nutshell at this juncture.  Hope whomever reads this is finding things bright on the sunnier side of the street.

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