So Yeah….I kind of suck, don’t I?

So yeah, it’s been forever since I’ve updated this thing.  However, I must say; my life at this juncture is pretty damn boring!  Can you imagine that?  I work, I watch How I Met Your Mother and The Walking Dead, and I work out.  That’s about it.  There’s the occasional something else, venturing to the city, jiu jitsu happenings, but they come and go so fast, I suppose I never get to express my thoughts and feelings about that stuff…it’s all like a poof of smoke.

In good recent news, my jiu jitsu student competed in her first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition, and won her first match by points.  It rocked.  She lost her second match by Rear Naked Choke, but I was so damn proud of her.  It was also gratifying because it showed that what I’m teaching her measures up to the instruction that kids her age are receiving at the big schools in Anchorage and Fairbanks.

That’s me in the background, shaking the other coaches hand.  It was also a great experience to meet other people from the other schools, and make connections.  Everyone told me how happy they were to see the art growing, even in an isolated place like Tok. That was surely the bright moment of what has been a lackluster few months.  Just hard to put on a smile.  I throw myself into my work, and into the gym, because without that, what else do I have?  I’m thinking about getting a plant, but if that damn thing died, then I’d really be upset.

OH!  I will also be posting soon about help that I most assuredly need from my chitown friends.  My focus, the thing that gets me through each and every day, is the thought of getting back to Chicago for the summer!!!  OH yeah!!!!!  But, I’m gonna need help finding housing!  I will be more specific about all that when I post, which will probably be tomorrow.

Tomorrow is parent teacher conferences.  It’s always nice to get face time with all the parents of my students…well, usually it’s nice.  Regardless of what happens, I smile…real or fake it’s a smile, kind of like a fake Gucci bag.

Well, I hope whomever reads this, it finds you well.  It’s 11:46pm, and I am heading home. Konichiwa………………………………………………..b****es.  😉


2 thoughts on “So Yeah….I kind of suck, don’t I?

  1. I love this pic of Noelle..a look of happiness AND relief. What an inspiration to see that her hard work garners great result!!! You both inspire me to keep pushing forward with my goals, even on bad days when it feels like the world is resting on my shoulders.

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