Idle thoughts…

….before I go and shoot some bow.

  1. I HATE being lied to and deceived.  If you answer a question with an untrue response, that’s a lie.
  2. I HATE when people lie about me.  I have enough dirt on my own without you making up s**t.
  3. They say hate is a very strong word, and I mean every little bit of it.
  4. I find it hard to reconcile with someone who lies to me.
  5. I can hardly remember a time I had so much trouble keeping a positive outlook on things.  I was able to keep an upbeat, can-do attitude most of my days in Afghanistan, but the apathy of rural Alaska is kicking my a**.
  6. I have a friend who often jokes that he and I are going to find wives, get married, and retire in rural Alaska.  I smile, and I laugh…because that’s what I do. But the thought on more than one occasion has brought me to tears.
  7. I’m so glad that Rick Santorum dropped out of the GOP primary race. I think that guy would be the most detrimental thing to American society since slavery.
  8. I don’t hate, but I greatly dislike, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Perry
  9. I just think Mittens Romney is a big dumb douchebag, and yes, his name IS Mittens… me.
  10. I often hear people criticize Barack Obama, and the things he’s done in his presidency, and I find myself thinking “Well where the f**k were you when I was knee deep in deployment possibilities while George Bush was ruining the country on a daily basis.  You’re a day late and a dollar short.”
  11. I can’t wait for the summer to come.
  12. I like to listen to “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” by John Denver.  Weird.

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