The Book of Doing

I want to believe that someday, when I die, people will take time to gather, and think of me fondly.  I mean, sure there may be the occasional…

“Damn, I sure do miss him.  He owe me $5!”

…but beyond that, I hope people will smile when they talk about me, and share weird, interesting, and thoughtful anecdotes, and above all else, I hope that I’ll be remembered as a doer.

In life, you have many types of people.  For the sake of this conversation, we will break it down into 3 tiers:

  1. Those who do nothing.

  2. Talkers

  3. Doers

I’ve found myself at all 3 levels.  I’ve most assuredly been a do nothing.  I cringe at how many years I spent my life at that level of existence.  And then, at some point, I began to think bigger, but old habits are hard to break, so I became a talker.

“Oh, how great would it be to do that someday? One of these days, I’m gonna do that!”

and yet, you may luck into certain situations, and you may began setting into motion somethings that’s more than doing nothing, but you haven’t quite found your stride.

And then…I began doing.  I’m not exactly sure how it started, or when for that matter.  I just knew that one day, i was doing stuff.  I suppose it all started with lying in bed one day.  Working multiple jobs, fresh as a college drop out due to lack of funds, and thinking that “I am never going to save enough money to go back to school like this.”

And so I walked down the block to the armory, resolute to make something happen.  Then I lived nine years of FTA:

Fun. Travel. Adventure.

I saw Europe.  I saw the Middle East.  I saw the ass-end of Hurricane Katrina.  I saw things that most people only saw on the evening news if they even cared to look.  I was doing.  And then, that traveled into my personal life.

So today…I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I moved to the backwoods of Alaska. I wander the city just looking for adventure when opportunity arises, I see something that looks cool…I don’t think about how cool it would be to do it, I see how I can fit it into my schedule and budget.  I like to do.  Life is ticking away, and when I meet my end, I’ll have done a lot.

So what’s the point of this discussion?

Well, yesterday, I was in Marbles: The Brain Store  and after playing, and deciding to purchase an excellent logic game named The Chocolate Fix Game I saw this book:

I picked it up, flipped through it for a few seconds, and decided to get it.  I’ve only perused it a bit, but it already seems like my kind of book.  I recommend picking it up for sure.  However, I may share a few things in it with you all from time to time.  Don’t want to break any copyright laws and all that jazz.

So, yes…I know you have to work all day.  And yes, I know it’s hot out.  But, guess what, life is moving with or without you…so why not get out there and do.  Before you know it, it’ll be too late, for one reason or another, and you’ll wish you’d have done more.  I”m not even at that point yet and I wish I’d done more. Wish I did more, plan to do so much more.


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