So,  last night I go on a late night walk with my friend Samantha.  I was feeling restless, and didn’t wanna be sitting cooped up inside, but I was also feeling pretty drawn out from training the day before, and my bike ride and walk in  the heat and sun earlier that day.  So we set out on a walk.

…….a long walk…….

….all said, somewhere between 6-8 miles.  I think I may have been a little dehydrated, and hadn’t had a proper dinner, so we stopped at a nice late night place I like to go to, and we ate.  We shall not talk about my food choices, because they were bad, but there was no meat involved.

So, the jukebox is going, I’m loving the music, loving the atmosphere, conversation, and sights, when a Prince song comes on.  The exact song escapes me at the moment, but it was a good one.  I mean, what songs of his aren’t good…but I digress.

So, I made a comment on the song, which also escapes me….sorry….and Samantha says:

“I’m really not a Prince fan”

To which my facial expression


obviously declared a need for further clarification….so she followed up that statement with:

“Well, I do like his old stuff, like P.Y.T……”  


Not only did you just say you don’t like one of the most creative, dynamic, diverse, artistic musicians of our generation, but now you’re gonna mix him up with probably the only other musician who tops him in all of those categories????  Hot damn!!!! And if you don’t know who sang “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)”  slap yourself!  Hot damn!!!!


Was the word that escaped my mouth as I looked around horrified, pointing out the offender for the whole world to see.

So, Samantha threatened me with bodily harm if I shared this little noodle of information on Facebook….so, I’m sharing it here.  I found this moment so fascinating, I created my first ever meme!


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