So let’s get this Chic-Fil-A thing out in the open…

So, I’ve pretty much avoided this topic.

  1. I’ve actually tried to keep my nose out of the news for a bit.  I’ve got so much going on in my brain the past few days, I don’t need to be drug down by the pits that is American news media.
  2. I have a very dear friend who is a manager of a Chic-Fil-A.  It’s one of those “let’s not talk about it before things get ugly” kind of things.  I actually spoke with said friend today, and she seemed oblivious to the whole ballywho.  My thoughts were “Let’s be real…you work for a bigot.  I’m not knocking your hustle, I’ve worked for many a crook in my day, but let’s just lay the cards on the table so we know what’s what”….yet, I digress.

But this evening, I saw a posting and discussion following it that caught my eye, and I threw in my 2 pence, and thus, I’m going to share the discourse here, to possibly spark further discourse, and to air my mind out on this topic.

So, a Facebook friend posted the following picture:


And this apparently sparked some conversation….as follows:

Commenter #1: As a born-again believer in Christ…..all I can say is…that it makes me want to puke, how the Gay peoples’ community always wanted tolerance and acceptance and understanding….yet, this company, stands by its religious views and gets VILLIFIED by them……How about tolerating accepting, and understanding CHICK FIL A’s position as well. IT’s a free country….EAT SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Commenter #2: {Name Deleted}, nothing will ever stop me from thinking of you as a sister but this is nothing less than hypocrisy and hatred toward the Christian faith and not the other way around. True Christians are commanded to love everyone because we are all sinners. It is the sin we hate. Sticking up for our world view is a human right at the very least. No hatred nor segregation was ever advocated. If there is evidence of that then I will boycott this chain!

Me: I truly hope you don’t mind {Name Deleted}, but this caught my eye:

If I’ve followed this case correctly, the president of the company confirmed his support of anti-gay groups. Anti-gay groups support the exclusion of gays from having the basic civil rights that many other Americans share. Even if based upon religious beliefs, that is still the standard definition of “discrimination.” While he never stated that his company discriminated against homosexuals, he freely admit he supports groups who advocate such views, and expressed a strong, biblically-based stand against same-sex marriage. Theology aside, that viewpoint still amounts, in legal terms, to discrimination. If this company is being villified, which is debatable, I think it’s simply a mirror of the shifting opinion towards such views, even if they are based in religion. I think the blowback that Chick-Fil-A is experiencing is simply, as Shane put it, is people “Sticking up for {their} world view” {which} is a human right at the very least.” While I don’t think this is hatred toward the Christian faith, I think this is a sign of the Christian Church’s lack of malleability in an ever evolving world, where we eat the cloven hoof, where men may have long hair and graven images on their skin, and, lo and behold, homosexuality has become a part of society. I don’t think the church is being “villified” any more than they themselves villify gays.

Commenter #1: So Dion, are you saying that since we are “evolving as a society” that the Christians need to adapt to the “new” way the world is?

Me:  {Name Deleted}, I think that’s an unrealistic expectation, even if that is what I wanted. I think that Christians simply have to understand that their views, due to the evolution of society, can now be viewed as discriminatory. I understand that is how they feel, and that’s fine, but I don’t think they can assume the role of victims when things like this occur. I think of it the same way as an 80 year old man who may use derogatory language towards a minority. “Once upon a time, that was ok grandpa, but it’s not ok anymore.” Once upon a time, it was alright to say “We don’t want no gays here!!!” But those days are quickly passing us by. Gays can openly serve in the military now…I spent 9 years in the military, and I openly supported the overturning of DADT. I myself don’t follow any religion, and yes, I will admit frowning on those who advocate discriminating against others. However, I understand their views come from the bible. However, they can’t impose those beliefs on me, nor should they feel that they should be able to impose those views on any other non-christians. Nor should the bible, the Quran, the Torah, or any other religious text in my opinion be a foundation for any legislation that takes place in this country. We are simply too diverse to attempt to impose religious ideals upon one another.

So, I”m sure this conversation will continue on for a bit.  However, I myself won’t be giving Chic-Fil-A any of my business.  The only true power I will ever have over a corporate entity is the power of my purchasing dollars, and I’ll take mine elsewhere when opportunity arises.  Whether based in the bible, or good old homegrown values, discrimination is discrimination, and whether it’s against a gay man, a black man, an asian man, a woman, or a Native American, discrimination is wrong, and there’s no psalm, verse or chapter that’ll make me feel any different.


3 thoughts on “So let’s get this Chic-Fil-A thing out in the open…

  1. Chic-Fil-A is a terrible corporate citizen and is hopefully doing irreparable damage to itself by taking up this cause. You’re right, our society is evolving, just like we did to overcome slavery. In other news, Chic-Fil-A is a bully as well,

    Then there is the whole issue that Chic-Fil-A sells garbage food. Everyone should do themselves a favor and stop eating there, nothing offered there is even close to a balanced/healthy meal.

  2. I agree with you, once again :). When I first heard about this several months back, I had thought the CEO was donating his personal money, instead of the companies money, basically I was splitting hairs to continue eating tasty chicken sammiches. Once I learned it was the company however; it changes things. People keep trying to say that corporation are people too and should be given the same right as the individual, but this is a perfect example of a corporation using its massive spending power to sway political opinion on gay peoples’ individual rights, which is wrong, plain and simple. I won’t call CFA evil, but I will give my money to other restaurants, we as the consumer have the power to determine CFAs profits; and those of us that disagree with their beliefs, will do just that.

  3. Okay…this is an old conversation, but I have been dying to get this off of my chest. When JC Penny (I think it was JC Penny) hired Ellen for a spokesperson Christian anti-gay activists boycotted the store. JC Penny stood their ground and pro-gay rights people picked up a new pair of slacks (or whatever) to show support. It wasn’t a giant deal with the media. Pro-rights folks quietly showed their support and that was really about it. In this thing, Christians (not all, of course) are FREAKING OUT and crying oppression, I don’t get it. It reminds me of a Slate thread where the commenters were discussing whether or not they are “out” about their religious beliefs. Many of the Christians were saying they didn’t like to discuss religion because secular people might try to make them feel silly or dumb. Many of the atheists were saying they didn’t like to discuss religion because they were afraid their employers would discriminate against them. I know my experiences are anecdotal and there are a good many open minded Christians out there, but from where I sit, I see the Christian community more often on the giving rather than the receiving end of oppressive and discriminatory behavior.

    Sorry for the ramble. I feel better now. 🙂

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