Those random, priceless moments that brighten a day…

So, today on my way home from a fabulous day downtown (Open House Chicago), I decided to stop to grab something for dinner, since I’d be watching UFC 153 and hadn’t had time to cook something beforehand.  So, I stopped.  Well I stopped at a place that I hit up from time to time, and the young lady that was helping me had helped me before.  I must admit that I am completely taken aback by her smile, which she flashes so freely.  After getting my food, I said,

“I hope you don’t mind me saying so, but you have such a haltingly beautiful smile, I noticed it the last time I was here.”

The smile that then spread across her face, plus the accompanied blushing, was especially breathtaking.
“Have a good evening”
I beat a quick getaway before I could say something dumb that would ruin such a sweet moment.
Pleasant moments make all the difference.


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