As of late, I find that I have so much to say…yet feel like I can’t even find the words to express the thoughts. My mind is spinning so much as of late with many of the current events going on.
Today, the Illinois state legislator extended the deadline 3 months for the announcement of school closings. That benefits no one that truly matters in the situation, namely the students and their families. WTF???
We’re still fighting an unsinkable “war” in some far off country. We’re talking about broken economics, and deficits, tax cuts and hikes, but the pink elephant in the room is that there is an open faucet in the treasury spewing forth gold bars to corporations. You want to improve the economy? Perhaps we should stop sinking millions by the day into the aforementioned “war”? WTF???
Another “war” is raging on the Southside of Chicago, and I have yet to hear the mayor address the issue, or possible solutions. Oh wait…he’s too busy trying to figure out which schools to close. WTF???
This country needs an enema.


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