Hey, I’m Dion.  I am a 6-12th grade social studies teacher in Tok, Alaska.  I received my B.A. in Social Sciences/Secondary Ed. at Saint Xavier University.  I also received my A.A. at Moraine Valley Community College.  Also, prior to having a life altering change of events that found me both socially and politically aware, I attended Western Illinois University as a music education major. My principal instrument is alto saxophone, and I am still musically involved when time allows.

The event which awakened my political and social awareness?  A 16 month deployment to Germany, which originally was supposed to be Iraq…with the US Army Illinois National Guard.  I am a 9 year veteran.  I joined in 2000, and received my discharge in 2009.  In addition to Germany, I spent 9 months in Afghanistan on my one and only combat deployment.

I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago.  With the exception of my military adventures, I’ve spent my entire life there.  Which is what has given birth to this blog.  In a turn of fate, I was offered a job doing the love of my life, teaching, here in Tok, Alaska.  So, this blog is an attempt to bring clarity, while keeping my friends and family abreast of my adventures, and misadventures, as I make a place for myself.

Finally, prior to arriving in Tok, I trained for a year in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  I am a blue belt in BJJ under the guidance of Professors Eddie and Adem Redzovic of Gracie Barra Chicago.  I miss training so much, and hopefully will be able to figure out a way to train here in my new life.

Cross your fingers for me.


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